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A Collaboration with Bill Amberg Studio


Words by Bertie Russell

Bill Amberg founded his studio almost 40 years ago. Today it is one of the world’s most respected creators of bespoke leather products, interiors and furniture.

Bill Amberg Studio

Based in Park Royal, London, the studio works on everything from saddlery to upholstery, bookbinding to casemaking, as well as training generations of talented craftspeople. Most of their products use vegetable-tanned leather from a small and select number of European tanneries, following the highest ethical and sustainable standards.

Bill’s studio was the perfect collaborator for Russell Simpson’s completion gifts. The gift is our way of marking the end of the sales process. We wanted to create a memento to the shared effort that went into that process and a celebration of the successful outcome.

A special housewarming

Given Russell Simpson’s personal, independent and discerning approach, we asked Bill to create a series of hand-made gifts that matched our principles. The result was a Perudo set, a backgammon board, and a key fob.

Perudo is a classic South American game involving dice and cups. Bill’s design makes the game more elegant, with a tasteful set of hand-stitched leather cups. Perudo is famously addictive, and with regular use these cups will take on the patina of their owner, adding to the character of the home.

For the backgammon board, the aim was to make something simple and portable, providing an understated addition to any home. The hand-stitched and butt seamed shaker is crafted from black leather, fitting comfortably into a matching case. Meanwhile, the white marble counters have a wonderful weight in the hand, and when combined with the pleasing sound of their impact, add real sophistication to the set.

The final stage of any property purchase is the exchange of the keys. To mark that special moment, Bill created a leather fob based on one of his oldest designs. Rather than letting the keys sit uncomfortably in a pocket, this fob creates a pouch to contain them. Its firm leather exterior will soften with time to create a rich and supple item lasting a whole lifetime.


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