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Summerill and Bishop, Notting Hill


Words by Bertie Russell

100 Portland Rd, London, W11 4LQ

Founded by June Summerill & Bernadette Bishop, two friends with an effortless, unique sense of style

"Summerill and Bishop claim to make the world’s most beautiful tablecloths, and I quite agree!"

Bertie Russell

Happy, inspirational place to be

They wrote their business plan together on a notepad, seated at a local cafe, and dreamt up a “happy, inspirational place to be—where people will want to spend comfortable time.”

Founded in 1994, Summerill and Bishop is our go-to location for unique tableware, as well as their celebrated tablecloths. It’s ideal for updating your home, finding gifts for friends, or just browsing the shelves in search of inspiration.

Table cloth or art?

The rule is, if they wouldn’t hang it up on the wall as art, it shouldn’t be on the table as a tablecloth.

At the London studio in Notting Hill, S&B are busy designing and collaborating with artists, brands and designers on an extensive and evolving line of tablecloths—sophisticated, edgy and timeless—which are presented with each changing season.

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