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Interior design

Interior design

How to create a spa-like bathroom


Words by Bertie Russell

The bathroom is often the most private part of the house. This is the place where we retreat from company to take some time alone. Below are four tips for turning what is often a functional space into a luxurious setting, where you can enjoy a spa-like sense of quiet and calm, without having to leave your home.

The bath

The most important element of a bathroom is the bath itself. A free-standing tub will instantly give you a beautiful feature, especially if it’s made from stone or cased in natural wood. Equally, a rounded shape or extended length will create a spacious pool to sink into.

The colour scheme

It’s equally important that the colour scheme of the room adds to the tranquil atmosphere. This can be achieved by painting the walls in neutral tones like pastel or cream. It can also be achieved by using natural woods for the shelving or similar units – again the paler the better.

The decoration

In order to create an uncluttered space, the room needs a clean and simple layout. This does not necessarily mean minimalist design, but make sure there’s enough storage space to keep bathroom products hidden from view. However, potted plants are a welcome detail, giving freshness to the surroundings. Lastly, go for towels that are thick and fluffy, while also suiting the rest of the room’s palette.

The special details

Finally, there are several finishing touches that can make your bathroom even more comfortable. First, consider underfloor heating so that you step from the water onto warm floors. Second, if you install speakers into the walls, you can listen to peaceful music while unwinding in the tub. Lastly, a dimmer switch can help to lower the light level in the room when you want to bliss out, while scented candles will replace bulbs with the gentle pulse of a flame.


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