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Colombian Coffee in Chelsea


Words by Ed Woolgar

The latest addition to Chelsea Green, Amar Café specialises in Colombian coffee.

15 Cale Street, SW3 3QS

Amar Cafe

The founders were inspired by the coffee farmers who had recovered their land from guerrilla groups, and so they began bringing their beans back to England. They started serving coffee from disused telephone booths, but are now at home in a beautiful shop on the corner of the green, with wooden decking for an outdoor seating area.

After several educational trips to Colombia, Amar Café opened in 2020. In a turn of bad fortune, Amar Cafe’s first coffee shop, opened just one week before London’s first lockdown. They set up as a take-away, rush-hour coffee shop but lockdown changed everything. After only a week of being open they were forced to close for over two months. During that time at home, they replanned the business, re-opened and expanded. During the following 2 years they adapted to the new reality and learnt to cope with the challenges the pandemic brought with it.

"As well as the great range of coffees on sale, the team at Amar Café also sell delicious Colombian chocolate. And the staff are always happy to tell you the inspiring stories behind their beans."

Ed Woolgar


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