Want a London home with a garden?

  • By Bertie Russell
  • 19 May 2018

It’s “Chelsea” this week – that’s shorthand among aficionados for the annual flower show hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society in the Royal Hospital Gardens.

It is expected that an estimated 165,000 people will descend on SW3 to admire show gardens designed by the likes of Chris Beardshaw and Sarah Price, who was in charge of planting at the Olympic Park.

For a capital city, London is exceptionally leafy: according to the data company Greenspace Information for Greater London, 47 per cent is taken up by parks and gardens, making it the greenest major city in Europe.

The standards for this measurement vary in other cities but 20 per cent of ­Manhattan is deemed yard space, which includes alleys…

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Gardens and historical London spots! Take a peek at our beauty in Wetherby Gardens being marketing alonside @knightfrank at the moment. One remaining!

Nervous weekend with bid made on behalf of lovely clients to poker-faced @Property_RS.. #AghTheSuspense

Absolutely beautiful shot of Battersea House - which is on the market with the delightful @Property_RS https://t.co/RCRRvsXuOk

Dogs PARADISE in Wetherby Gardens!

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