• By Bertie Russell
  • 30 March 2015

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like have taken over the wider world, it seems, with the vast majority of users glued to their latest technological device, accessing this daunting new world of ‘social media’.


Most traditional commercial practises were sceptical and maybe some still are with regards to the aid and assistance that these new platforms offer. In order to progress and evolve one must consider and explore the latest technological advances. It’s our belief that a careful balance and combination of traditional ethics and contemporary technology offers a highly productive and fruitful marriage of new and old.


Presentation and communication are, after all, two of the most crucial aspects of the residential property industry. We strive to offer our clients a service whereby their property is presented to the highest quality and then targeted to the most suitable audience. This sounds obvious but it is often the most simple concepts that are the most difficult to achieve.


Photographs were first introduced to the industry in the early 1980s where a film was developed in the dark room and the classic gloss-printed photograph was glued onto paper details. Floor plans were quick to follow and this then led to the birth of the brochure we now see throughout the current market place. During the mid-1980s the fax machine started to become more widely available and this was quick to transform the speed of business. My father, ever the man for the latest gadget, explained to me how he customised his Range Rover with two built-in telephones and one fax machine… Nowadays, this can pretty much all be achieved with the latest iWatch.


A lot has changed since this point and we have moved to spectacular digitally photographed and custom printed brochures but surely there is more out there to assist us with our day to day service industry.


Video is a medium that has been trying hard to break into the industry for the last few years and a tool we have been exploring in great detail and with great enthusiasm. Until this point we had not found what we felt to be the right solution but I am very pleased to present to you this incredibly exciting video which in our opinion shows off this superb property in all its glory! Thank you to The Property Film Co. for their incredible assistance.


Gardens and historical London spots! Take a peek at our beauty in Wetherby Gardens being marketing alonside @knightfrank at the moment. One remaining!

Absolutely beautiful shot of Battersea House - which is on the market with the delightful @Property_RS

Dogs PARADISE in Wetherby Gardens!

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London letting have been warned.