The beautiful £7.5 million Chelsea chapel you could turn into a 5-bed home

  • By Bertie Russell
  • 14 May 2020

We’ve found some fairly romantic properties across the capital in our time.

From lavish manors, to country getaways, and even an apartment with links to London’s most romantic film.

But is there really anything quite as romantic as living in a chapel?

If you’re not already convinced, this tour will certainly do the trick…

Hidden away in the affluent area of Chelsea you’ll find St Luke’s chapel – a listed piece of history that is nothing less than beautiful.

Dating back to 1850, the chapel is set within the grounds of The Bromptons, formerly Brompton Hospital.

This cute little corner is also known as Rose Square (yes, we know, the romance is already blossoming…).

This fairy-tale, spired property is nestled within quiet residential streets of the city, benefiting from the most stunning landscaped gardens.

We don’t know about you, but we’re already in love, and we haven’t even got to the good bit.

While Grade II listed buildings are of special Interest, Grade II* listed buildings are particularly important, and second to being the most significant listed buildings in the country.

It is unlikely you have come across many people that live in listed properties, and it is even less likely you have come across anyone that has had the opportunity to turn a place of worship into their home.

This chapel is of special interest historically no doubt.

But what probably of even greater special interest to you is having full planning permission to change it into a four or even five-bedroom detached home.

A truly unique opportunity to say the least.

Having recently had all of the external stonework and stain glass restored by Heritage England, St Luke’s offers a completely distinctive place to live.

Enjoy all the traditional beauty of this sacred place, while turning it into what is bound to be one of the most remarkable homes in the capital.

Though it may look cute and quaint on the outside, the chapel is certainly not lacking room. It really is like a TARDIS inside!

CGI photos give a snapshot of the property’s potential – just think of all the things you could do with that space.

You will of course enjoy all the traditional aesthetic of this unbelievable property, but that doesn’t mean you have to live an 19th century lifestyle.

This super-lux development in The Bromptons (Rose Square) offers first class concierge service and facilities including, an indoor swimming pool, manicured grounds, as well as including two underground parking spaces especially for you.

All we can say is – our prayers have been answered.

See the full Russell Simpson property details here.

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