Prime Resi: Russell Simpson react to the General Election

  • By Adam Foster
  • 08 May 2015

The whole of Chelsea woke up this morning and breathed a huge sigh of relief

Jake Russell, Director at Russell Simpson

“I predict the whole of Chelsea woke up this morning and breathed a huge sigh of relief. For months uncertainty over the election has rolled on as the threat of a Labour-SNP coalition, Mansion Tax, eradication of the Non-Dom status, which has led to the sales market feeling the pinch. We have a number of ready and willing purchasers waiting on the sidelines for Mr. Cameron to come out of Buckingham Palace this afternoon victorious. Whilst he toasts a new government they will be toasting to a new home, we estimate that not only we have this pent up demand that will soon release and revitalise the property market, but most agents across PCL will see exchanges happening regularly over the next two weeks. A Conservative government will see the London market grow from strength to strength in the coming years, which in turn will fuel continued economic growth.”


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