Prime Resi: 6 The Boltons Chelsea Power Show

  • By Adam Foster
  • 18 February 2015

One of the largest homes in all of Chelsea, this eighteen-bedroomed beauty stands on the grounds of the former Coleherne House, the famed residence owned by the Tattersall family and later the Victorian actor-playwright-manager Dion Boucicault.

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Gardens and historical London spots! Take a peek at our beauty in Wetherby Gardens being marketing alonside @knightfrank at the moment. One remaining!

Absolutely beautiful shot of Battersea House - which is on the market with the delightful @Property_RS

Dogs PARADISE in Wetherby Gardens!

On today: Xavio Design gives us an inside look at the extraordinary refurbishment of this £125m, 88-room super-home on Belgrave Square

London letting have been warned.