Go Large – It’s the New Way to Downsize

  • By Bertie Russell
  • 15 September 2017

You’ve spent the past few decades raising a family, getting promoted and turning the house into a home. Now you’re expected to sell and move into something smaller, freeing up equity and housing stock for the next generation.

Downsizing is the traditional trajectory of the retiree. New research suggests, however, that although homeowners in their fifties and sixties are indeed selling, what empty-nesters want is not somewhere smaller or simpler, but somewhere swankier. Not for them the simple suburban flat with adjacent golf course. They want flats with smart technology, mod cons, on site facilities, more living space instead of extra bedrooms, and a security system that makes it easy to lock up and leave when they go travelling. Preferably, too, a smart bath, so…

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