Enough to turn you green with envy

  • By Bertie Russell
  • 21 May 2018

When contestants on The Great British Bake Off filmed the third series in Somerset, they were no doubt wracked with nerves: would their pastry be crisp, their cakes tasty and would their bread successfully rise? One thing that never fell flat, however, was the setting for the smash hit show — 55 acres of wonderful woodlands and rolling parkland, reached by a long, winding, tree-lined drive in an area designated ‘of outstanding natural beauty’…

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Gardens and historical London spots! Take a peek at our beauty in Wetherby Gardens being marketing alonside @knightfrank at the moment. One remaining!

Nervous weekend with bid made on behalf of lovely clients to poker-faced @Property_RS.. #AghTheSuspense

Absolutely beautiful shot of Battersea House - which is on the market with the delightful @Property_RS https://t.co/RCRRvsXuOk

Dogs PARADISE in Wetherby Gardens!

On https://t.co/1DGEZ58vTC today: Xavio Design gives us an inside look at the extraordinary refurbishment of this £125m, 88-room super-home on Belgrave Square https://t.co/lFVGAGniZb