Diary of an estate agent:Chelsea

  • By Bertie Russell
  • 21 March 2018


Mondays at our family-run agency usually start with a quick catch-up to discuss the key events and instructions of the week.

We have recently moved our marketing approach to be more online, introducing interactive brochures which we can show prospective buyers on iPads.

It’s great to catch up with my colleagues and find out how this is working for everyone, it seems to be proving popular with our clients!


My day starts with a valuation. At our agency, we often think it best to undertake these in pairs so as to collaborate and come to the best decision, as pricing correctly is so important.

The property we are valuating is a stunning, newly-refurbished five-bedroom home in Halsey Street, Chelsea. Interestingly, it’s also home to Chelsea’s oldest and largest fig tree!

My colleague and I are unanimously agreed on the price, which the owner seems pleased with, too.

At lunchtime, I get a call from one of our longstanding Australian clients, who is in town adding some finishing touches to her rental property on Cathcart Road. Her car has a flat tyre, and not knowing lots of people in town, she called to ask for some help. I manage to reassign my viewings to a colleague and went to help.

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